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I would say that at least one out of five people in my small world talk about a book waiting to be written within them. And yet, many of us with similar ideas are intimidated by the notion of taking those thoughts and putting them down in some sort of tangible order that not only makes sense to others but makes them enjoy reading them.

Perhaps it is need of a better grasp of the English language (as dysfunctional as it may be.) Or maybe needing to understand the process of putting ideas down on paper. Or organizing time in order to best be productive in writing. Or...

There are a number of reasons that will cause a person to be hesitant in writing their book. Having "been there ... done that," not only can I assist you in releasing the weights you place upon yourself, I can also assist you in initiating and following a master plan that will take you from inception to creation in the writing process.

Let's face it. Writing can be lonely and frustrating. Finding time to seed your creativity,getting past the seemingly endless wall of rejection, and staying focused on a particular piece are just a few of the many issues writers confront daily. Sometimes movitvation and encouragement can assist you in bypassing these stumbling blocks. Working with a successful writer who is also a coach can move your writing to the next level, removing those obstacles currently standing in your way.

We can assist you with:

- Exploring what you can accomplish
- Instigating more motivation and focus
- Finding strategies to overcome impediments to your progress
- Development of a particular project
- Working on a specific skill set
- Dealing with rejection
- Taking your writer to a higher level
- Balancing your writing with the rest of life

Dependent upon your level of expertise, online and digital tools will be structured to your needs - including presentational courses, online workshops and one-on-one consultation at least twice a month.

Simply fill out the free assessment form you can find by clicking the button below and click send upon completion. We will get back to you to schedule a free thirty minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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Touch base with other writers to see how they are able to get ideas, formulate them and complete their projects. Even how to promote and sell them

We will also give you abreast of any promotions or opportunities we may have along the line...

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