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WindWhispers Publications is an online company that is physically located in Jackson, MS. We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week - including holidays.

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P. O. Box 11033
Jackson, MS 39283-1033
Phone: (601) 706-9557

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Phone: (601) 706-9557


“ I had been struggling for years to get my book written. Never did I dream that not only would it be completed but actually be published and sold.

Thank you WindWhispers!"„

- Soyini Davenport

About Us

WindWhispers Publications has been in existence since 1994 with its first project - Oya's Marketplace - a newsletter that explored African Traditional Religions in the Americas. Oya's Marketplace has become Oya N'Soro, an online ezine -

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Our Philosophy

We believe that there is one God, eternal and infinite, who created and controls the Universe and all that is contained therein.

Within that understanding, we institute the concept of religious pluralism which understands that one's religion is not the sole and exclusive source of truth...

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Touch base with other writers to see how they are able to get ideas, formulate them and complete their projects. Even how to promote and sell them

We will also give you abreast of any promotions or opportunities we may have along the line..

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We are accessible by messaging 24 hours a day seven days a week. Please use the methods below to contact us or click here. »
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+1 (601) 706-9557

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