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Your job is done. You have written your book and looked it over a number of times. Aunt Mary, the ex-school teacher has placed it under her scrutiny. Mr. Hardy, your old English professor has shined his magnifying glass upon your work. Other helpers have come along the way and then you took another look yourself. Now it is our turn. Our job is to bring your book to perfection, making it attractive to perspective readers and placing it on both physical and digital shelves for purchase.

We will, for 3¢ per word, edit your copy within 21 days of receipt in a manner in which you will be able to see all corrections and decide upon their usage. Manuscripts larger than 150,000 words may require a longer editng period. In addition, the following will occur:

- Correction of spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax
- Appropriate structuring of sentence and language usage
- Provide development strategies for consistency and clarity (non-fiction) and defined character structure, dialogue and plot (fiction)
- Ensure consistency of style throughout the book
- Placement of notification where approval is needed from a third-party
- Amendment of inaccuracies in generally known facts

Upon revision of manuscript based on accepted suggestions from the editors, a 30 minute telephone consultation will take place to discuss said revisions. Upon submission of the revised manuscript, a subsequent edit of your copy will be completed within ten days and submitted to you for final approval.

Please note that the securing of any necessary permissions for copyrighted material is the responsibility of the author. This includes but is not restricted to text, poems, media articles, pictures and lyrics. Keep in mind that said permission is necessary for any material that contains more that ten percent of the source's word count.

Also keep in mind that extensive editing of agreed upon revisions may incur additional cost.


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WindWhispers Publications has been in existence since 1994 with its first project - Oya's Marketplace which has become Oya N'Soro, an online ezine -

We have also published a number of books...

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We believe that there is one God, eternal and infinite, who created and controls the Universe and all that is contained therein.

Within that understanding, we institute the concept of religious pluralism which understands that one's religion is not the sole and exclusive source of truth...

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Touch base with other writers to see how they are able to get ideas, formulate them and complete their projects. Even how to promote and sell them

We will also give you abreast of any promotions or opportunities we may have along the line...

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