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From: Iya'falola H. Omobola

You have heard about my books and have asked about a way to get all three at the same time - in PDF format. Your wish is my command.

Introducing the Fear Trilogy


Heeding the Ancestral Call: A Collectively Individual Journey Back to Spiritual Basics is the story of my life's journey into become a traditional healer and medicine woman under the auspices of the Nigerian spiritual system of Orisha/Ifa. It sets the stage for the main event by providing concepts and terminology.

Devil Ain't Nothin' But A Five Letter Word: A Self-Help Journal to Transforming Fear (also known as the "Fear Book") is the primary focus of the Trilogy. It presents new solutions to an age-old concern - how to overcome one's fear.

She Threw A Stone Tomorrow is a novel that captures the principles discussed in the Fear Book in a fictonal frame of reference. It is the beginning of a volume that will be written by different authors. Volume II is already in the works.

I am not going to sell you on these three books. You are here because you have heard about them and wanted to be able to obtain them more easily in a group.

The price for all three books in digital formatting is only $17.00. (See the next button to get them in hardback individually).

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I love the readings and spiritual advice Iyalola has given me. She takes the complexities of personal life and breaks them down into extremely useful, actionable, reader-friendly nuggets. She responds quickly, too. Iya has gone beyond the call of responding or helping me on this path. She provides a clear road map for taking controll of one's spiritual life. She provides us with a wealth of information about the potential value in our lives.

Ajamu Otis Mills
Houston, Texas


It has been an amazing whirlwind of events which brought me to Iya. I have become spiritually grounded in my emotional self. This was not in me for the past two years, due to a reshaping of my life path after Hurricane Katrina. Iya has made it so that I once again am living a life of spiritual and emotional substance. The difference is evident; my husband says he can recognize the impact of my interaction with Iya, he sees a vibrant and renewed aura. I believe I am better in all aspects of my life because she listens, teaches, and allows the individual to come to the basic conclusions of how to attack those issues which plague us on a daily. It is a long distance kinship (my connection with Iya) but it sustains me as if we were in the same room. She is a motherly therapist, educator, your conscious, spiritual guru, and a sincere sister friend. I am at peace when she reaches in and lifts me up with truth a rare token of affection in these times. Ase.

Mawiyah Kai EL-Jamah Bomani,
Shreveport, Louisianna


Heeding the Ancestral Call is a captivating, honest peek at the life challenges and rewards of Iya Ifalola Omobola. Her words convey her free spirited experience here on Earth. Her story not only gave me the desire to do more but also made me more appreciative of the life that I have.

Baba Ogunsola Carter,
Chicago, IL


I have read your book. I love it. I feel like I was there through all those things in your life. The in-depth story really makes it familiar for me. On two occasions, I missed my stop on the subway reading your book. Imagine the confusion on my face when I looked up and I was heading into a subway station I do not ever go to. The second time I actually had to put the book in my bag, because as I read it, I felt I was being transported into another place. I can?t remember ever reading a book that has made me feel so there with the main character. In the chapter, "Skeletons in the Closet," I read, read and re-read the part where you define "victim." Can I make it into a big poster and put it on my wall? Seriously, can I? Of course I will quote you as the source along with your book. I am glad to have this book in my collection. There is no way that any library is complete without it! Editor - TCBW Magazine

Dionne McDonald,
Toronto, Canada

To OUR Success,

Iya'falola Omobola,
Spiritual Consultant
ifalola @

P.S. Your life is a many-splendored creation. You owe it to yourself to live it to its fullest. Buy the trilogy today and begin the next step in the dance of your elevation.